The Challenge

One need only turn on the television to see that we live in difficult times. Growing unemployment, debt, divorce, addiction, and abuse have become widespread leaving in their wake unhappiness and heartache that touches every one of us. Too many look to politicians, corporations, or governments to fix what is broken, but history has shown these organizations are not the cure for unhappiness. Only Jesus Christ can fix what is broken, only He can bring real and lasting peace.
I have sold religious art for years, yet I am still amazed by the power it has to change our world. By surrounding ourselves with heavenly things we become better and heaven becomes a little closer. Does it Really Work?
Faith is born from a relationship with Christ. Like any relationship, it begins by spending time together. We spend time with the Lord as we pray and study His word. But in a world filled with distractions it can become easy to forget Him unless we surround ourselves with meaningful reminders. By putting a picture of Christ in our homes we are creating a reminder to ourselves, and those we love, to spend time with.


by Liz Lemon

“This Christmas please accept our gift of a free picture of Christ then share His love with others by giving away pictures of Christ to your family, friends, and neighbours”