“This morning, there were three things I’ve asked for in prayer. They just came out naturally, from my heart. They’re simple things many people may not ask for…. given these three things to pray for. 

1.  Health
I prayed for health so I could do more things and be of service to more people.  I’ve noticed that when my physical health was down, all my energies contract and I can’t attend to anyone else but myself.  That’s nature’s way, for the millions of tiny living systems in your body to concentrate first in your healing before they could do anything else. I pray for health.  When I am healthy I am less irritable, I am more tolerable, I have more buffer in giving of myself and I can accomplish many things.

2. Courage
I prayed for courage to be able to accomplish what is right.  We may be given health, but having courage to do what should be done is certainly a different thing.  In these difficult times, people often swallow their courage in place of something else, something that often proves to be not worth it.  Courage defines your soul, which later on defines the outward manifestation of your being, your life. 

3. A Sense of Humor
We may forget many things, but may we never forget to laugh.  After all, all things are passing, even our troubles.  We are beings of eternity, so what does it matter how many blunders you make today? You will learn out of it, and you will come out of it a better person, a better “you” that the whole world would be thankful for.  A sense of humor is a sign of confidence.  It tells us we can survive the storm, even if it messes up our hair and drenches our best suits.
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